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Microsoft Whiteboard

Expression, Art Direction


Art Direction – Alexis Copeland

3D Design – Danil Tabacari
Production – Joline Tang

Microsoft Whiteboard is a digital canvas that supports real–time, freeform creative collaboration within the browser experience or a Microsoft Teams meeting. To create a more delightful user experience upon opening, we designed a load screen to creatively extract the essence of the product through a beautiful and bold blue aesthetic. 


The experience is designed to give users the ability to naturally synthesize their ideas through typing, drawing, adding sticky notes, adding stickers, adding images, among many more. These elements and behaviors inspired us to create a dimensional world in their likeness. 3D elements like soft round corners, grid textures on the paper, extruded buttons, and an overall vivid color palette— all were born from the product itself.

And the product design's visual language was an evolution of Microsoft Fluent. Small enhancements such as colored icons enabled the look to trend towards more modern and playful. We did this because we know play is core to the development ideas and innovation, which is central for a collaboration tool. Seen below is a sample of those UI components and parts, designed by Ari Taylor, Anthony Dart, Jason Custer, and Samira Rahimi.


Danil had a blast bringing these design elements into 3D. His passion for conceptual thinking and high–end craft had our eyes bursting with love with every design iteration. He added subtle imperfections to the texturing which made the overall look and feel very human. Thank you so much Danil for all the love you brought into these images!

I personally loved Danil's pen and ink characters, inspired by the Whiteboard stickers.

What is your favorite? 


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