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Alexis Copeland (Noodle Factory) got her name from her long noodle–y hair, noodle–y arms, noodle–y ideas— but most of all— from her love of Andy Warhol's Factory.


Alexis Portrait


Alexis' story of finding design is a discovery of self than of career. Early in life, her love of art helped her navigate a more challenging childhood in the child welfare system. She found home, belonging, and purpose within the arts community at her high school and later went on to attend Ringling College of Art and Design. Now living her dream life as a creative director, one of Alexis’s greatest skills and joys is unlocking the power of art and design in the lives of others as it does for her. “Let inspiration find you working,” a modified quote from Picasso, is Alexis’ creative motto. She pours her heart into every creative venture and believes hard work, discipline, and curiosity are crucial for creative success.

At Microsoft, Alexis’s role has evolved from building executive presentations for Mixed Reality, to the branding of HoloLens 2, storytelling for Office, and now to elevating the aesthetics of art and design for the Microsoft brand and Fluent design language— leading the Fluent Expression team. Her style is bold, complex, and conceptually driven, with 3D design as her primary image making tool. She’s been told her work is brave yet deliberate when balancing the boldness of her creative vision with the needs of the business, and believes success is shared ownership. Nuance in creative collaboration is key as she works hard to foster deep emotional connections with her creative collaborators. She considers them an extension of her long noodle–y self.

“Let inspiration find you working,” a modified quote from Picasso, is Alexis' creative motto.

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