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Nike Test Stride

Interactive, Content Design, Generative


Exec. Creative Direction –

Jason White

Interaction Director –

Austin Mayer

Executive Producer – Gina Giambalvo

Art Direction & Design – Alexis Copeland & Gareth Fewel

3D Design & Animation – Krzysztof Pianko


Launched in Shanghai, Nike's Global Sportswear team created an experiential event dubbed Test Stride to connect media and VIP influencers to a new weatherproof product line.

A part of Leviathan's creative team, we partnered with Nike to invent a pop–up experience complete with a 170–foot–long interactive obstacle course. The competitive event used human motion to trigger visuals, track participant's scores in real–time, while an automated photo–capture feature displayed their victory across a vivid 30–ft–wide display. 


The entire event space was thoughtfully designed to have a heavy emphasis on attendee experience and engagement. Starting at the entrance of the space, participants were guided along an art gallery inspired product display to the event's obstacle course. Throughout the participant journey, we looked for visual consistencies that would tie the overall look and feel back to the Nike brand while also connecting the participants to a unique and memorable product experience.


Our creative focus for the event was to highlight very specific product features and benefits, such as the product lines’ ability to keep wearers warm, dry, and safe from slipping, as well as protection from the treacherous weather conditions of winter. To best demonstrate these product benefits and value, the obstacle course was designed to recreate real–life scenarios that allowed attendees to climb, jump, race, and overcome weather elements first–hand.


LIDAR sensors were placed throughout the course and functioned to trigger obstaclespecific brand content along the path. Motivating video graphics marked key victory moments for participants while an LED leaderboard displayed the competitors' results.

Because the obstacle course was the main attraction, we iterated on the complexity numerous times before arriving at a more moderate level of difficulty. Below are some examples of participants' involvement, ranging from more athletic to more achievable by a larger volume of participants. My favorite design element from all our concepts was the immersive, luminescent light tunnel.