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Microsoft Cognition

Branding & Identity, Art Direction


Creative Direction –

Ramiro Torres

Art Direction & Branding – Alexis Copeland

Computational Design – 

Albert Omoss

As a tribute to the complexity of machine perception, Microsoft Cognition’s visual brand identity creates artful infographic visualizations of data representative the scientists and artists within its collective.


The identity comprises of graphic marks for each subset within the organization, such as Windows Hello, Physics / Mesh Rendering, Mixed Reality Cloud, Ethics/Society, Speech, Spatial Audio, Hardware / Silicon, Research, Creative, Design, to name a few.

While the primary graphics are reflective of the group's ventures, others are generated from the logomark's geometry itself. Speech input of "cognition" is used as data to generate illustrative detail around the letterforms. 

Each graphic element is animated to form a range of tonal expressions reflective of the team's experiments and endeavors.