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Microsoft 365 Copilot UX Film

UX Film, Creative Direction


Creative Direction –
Alexis Copeland
Executive Producer –
Andrew Faulk
3D Design & Animation –Leitin Pedro, Rudy Vessup, Ryan Gagnier, Alexis Copeland
Compositing & Pipeline –
Rudy Vessup
UI Animation – Chris Lorance
Editor – 
Andrew Faulk

Music & Sound – Zelig

On March 16,  2023 we created an UX film to introduce Microsoft Copilot, described by Satya as a groundbreaking advancement in reshaping human-computer interaction, giving humans more agency and accessibility through the universal interface of natural language.

Combining next-generation AI with the M365 suite, Copilot transforms your words into powerful tool to help you be more creative and productive. 

Breaking away from the conventional dark and techy aesthetics linked to AI, we reimagined Microsoft 365 Copilot with a soft pastel palette to make AI more approachable and inviting. It represented a harmonious fusion of creativity and technology while also reflecting the paradigm shift towards large language models. 


Every space, object, and texture was crafted to infuse humanity, warmth, and friendliness into the depiction of AI. Each Microsoft 365 app was uniquely expressed through playful abstracted shapes and metaphors that mirrored it's unique branding, design language, and user experience.

Of the visual studies, one of my personal favorites from this set is the Excel frames 💚 where Leitin cleverly incorporated complex shapes that referenced intelligent data, blending organic and modular elements seamlessly.


Behind the scenes, the creation of this video was a testament to teamwork, grit, resilience, determination, and passion. Despite financial constraints and tight timelines, our small internal video team worked tirelessly to overcome obstacles and limited resources to deliver this film in a short month's time.

What began as a minor announcement quickly evolved into a global launch, and the program changed rapidly along the way. We dealt with daily product strategy shifts, brand shifts, rendering limits, and daily script rewrites. We blended 2D and 3D elements together as a creative solution to beat render times. Despite the project changing every few days, we managed to create a working video within a few weeks, even having to make edits and adjustments a day before release.

The result exceeded expectations, amassing 1 million views on release day, marking it as our most engaged post ever now with 3 million views on YouTube alone. This story is a reminder that all creative pursuits, though challenging, can overcome obstacles and with determination and teamwork, we can achieve great things together.


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