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Microsoft Copilot

Branding, Creative Direction


Microsoft Design

We brought together designers across Microsoft 
to signal the shift from binary computing to the collaborative future with AI.

This symbol is the embodiment of Copilot's essence—a partnership between human creativity and AI efficiency.

The brief was to create a symbol for Copilot, a new AI-powered product that helps users interact with Microsoft experiences using natural language. It needed to reflect Copilot capabilities and its relationship with users, while also fitting in the Microsoft ecosystem and standing out from competitors. The audience was consumers and enterprises who use Microsoft products and services and want to enhance their productivity, creativity, and empowerment with AI.

The icon was a catalyst for aligning strategy internally and igniting a beautiful and meaningful brand experience for our customers.

The form captures two speech bubbles in a cyclical conversation, acknowledging the role of human and the invitation to iterate, innovate and collaborate. The central forward slash (/) is a signal of an interaction to connect to people, files and more. The color reflects the vibrancy of the Microsoft brand ecosystem and an energetic call to connect and create.

Microsoft’s journey in the AI landscape has been both remarkable and impactful with steady growth in innovation, strategic investments and market share. The Copilot mark is the organizing identity and expression of Microsoft AI investments.

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