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36 Days of Type

Branding, 3D Design,
Art Direction

Celebrating 36 Days of Type's 10 year anniversary, I reimagined the alphabet with an mixture of quirky 3D forms and fashion-centric  materiality. This was my first time participating in the challenge to create a letter a day and had a blast illustrating alongside our amazing design community. 

While I was creating this quirky series, I found myself binge watching Next in Fashion while also learning about Tennis Core on TikTok. Everything from the graceful curves of the 'A' to the bubbly form of the 'Z' carries oodles of personality, color, and a sense of craftiness. Organic yet structured. Playful and goofy. I loved every little shape and interaction that inspired this series. 

All letters were crafted with Cinema4D and Redshift (with a little help of Substance Painter).

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