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Immersion Day

Event Branding, Art Direction


Art Direction -
Alexis Copeland 

Production & Management - 

David Wolf

To create a dialog between artists, designers, scientists, engineers, and researchers, Microsoft hosted a demo day featuring over fifty technical advancements across the organization called Immersion Day.


For the event's branding, I created a visual aesthetic subtly akin to the language of baseball (using a two–way color scheme with repetitious patterns) to unite a sense of allyship and aspire comradery among the community. The aesthetic is designed to exist outside of the known Microsoft brand; becoming a place for attendees to break away from the everyday and immerse themselves in a special community event to forge new ideas and connections.

We created a variety of brand extensions ranging from video content, screen printed posters and t–shirts, event badges, presentation templates, communications, and much more. A sample of that work is shown below.