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Expression, 3D Design, Storytelling


Pride Co–Director – Aleksey Fedorov

Creative Direction –

Nando Costa

Art Direction
& 3D Design – 

Alexis Copeland

Creative Management – 

Joline Tang

One of my favorite moments at Microsoft was having the opportunity to openly support and lift our LGTQIA+ community. 

What I thought initially to be a small contribution to amplify pride with a theme design in Outlook and Office, became a massive community–driven effort across Microsoft to authentically celebrate inclusive company values directly in our products. 


In this artwork I wanted to create an expressive playground of curiosity. Centering my curiosity was asked, "What's within?" As I worked to solve this question I started to build in a sense of "opening up" and expansion. These ideas brought me to design motifs of love and celebration.

And on the outside, Aleksey brought me to symbolism of progress. Prior to the creation of this artwork, I was unaware of the prejudice from black, brown, and trans communities within the construct of Pride. I was also unaware of the Progress Flag. Both made me hesitant to explicitly design connection points, but I embraced the uncomfortable and invited dialogue that helped me grow. I thank Aleksey for this. 

Throughout the process, Joline's heartfelt leadership aligned us to Microsoft values and helped to navigate a complex social media landscape. 


To discuss the topic of racial equity further, our co–directors of Microsoft Pride, Aleksey and Tiernan, created a discussion space for queer employees and allies to speak out for the community in a Q&A forum.

I helped assist in the design of the article as well as the creation of support imagery— all of which scaled to our social channels. Below is a preview of that work 🌈