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Branding, 3D Design, Art Direction


Creative Direction - Ramiro Torres

Art Direction & Design - Alexis Copeland


Alex Kipman, the inventor of Kinect and HoloLens, has an endless curiosity and passion for creation that has led him to numerous patents across Microsoft. One of those creative visions, called probabilistic machine learning, has led him to go on and organize diverse artists, scientists, and technologists under one innovative group at the company he calls "Analog".

To visually document that creator spirit and overall vibe of Analog's community, I set out to create a system of dimensional typography for the group's brand identity. Below is a visual summary of those experiments.


Creating and designing for a 3D operating system, intelligent mesh cloud, fully articulated hand tracking, machine learning, voice translation, among much, much more, was a daily practice within the group. To be authentic to the nature of these concepts, dimensional shapes and letterforms were designed in 3D space as a reflection of these uber topics, then redesigned and rearranged several times to create diverse amounts of generative artwork across various mediums. We used these elements to create 3D patterns, animations, physical stationery, digital and physical presentations, take–home goodies for live communities' events, and much more. And with the kind help from Albert Omoss, we were also able to 3D print these type elements at our material prototyping lab for Surface.

With the typographic objects now in physical space, we scattered them around our studio and played with them like a child playing with building blocks. Our creative spirit was set free, and we were yet again remix the type in new inventive ways. 

The full process from concept to realization was one built on the foundation of invention— curiosity, trust, and play.