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150 Media Stream

Art Installation, Video Sculpture, Generative Art


Content & Software – Leviathan

Exec. Creative Director –
Jason White

Executive Producer –
Chat Hutson

Creative Director –
Brandon Webb

Design –
Gareth Fewel
& Alexis Copeland

3D & Compositing –
Anthony Malagutti

Engineering –
Adam Berg & David Braun


150 Media Stream is a multi–faceted achievement in art, architecture and technology that celebrates the transformational power of art as collective experience. It explores the interplay of art, space, and viewership in both public and private contexts.

To launch the first iteration of the ever–evolving digital sculpture, 150 Media Stream partnered with Leviathan to design an intelligent content library and engineering system to continually transform over the permanent sculpture's lifetime.


This 127 feet wide LED video sculpture is located within the lobby of 150 N Riverside— an iconic 54–story luxury commercial high rise positioned along the Chicago River and designed by architects Goettsch Partners.

The sculpture is comprised of 89 individual vertical LED displays of various heights and widths. Video elements were designed as integrated components of a sculpture that addressed everything from the shapes of the video blades to the physical surroundings of the entire installation. 


As the first of its kind, I worked along Leviathan to design content for the sculpture's intelligent library— combining generative art, video, and photography— all driven by multiple data feeds and a custom–built content management system to give 150 Media Stream curators maximum visual flexibility.


Using generative algorithms to heighten originality and relevance, we designed a program to address seasonal, monthly, weekly, daily, and even real–time flows of information into a robust scheduling system of creative— rotating imagery from commissioned artists around the world.

This steady stream of data guarantees that imagery will be visually enticing, conceptually interesting, and constantly evolving; ensuring that viewers see artwork in a unique way every time.