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Blend Fest

Branding, 3D Design, Art Direction


Art Direction –
Alexis Copeland

Design – Maxwell Prendergast

Blend is Microsoft's annual community gathering to give product leaders an opportunity to define direction, share product plans, and share stories to create better products for every person across the planet. Although the conference was gradually cancelled due to the pandemic, I'm proud to share our brand identity that included a custom wordmark, bold color palette, illustration, event swag, among much more.


Centering the design language around the conference's core theme of customers, products, and culture, we designed custom typographic elements to form the logomark of Blend. Each letter face is uniquely drawn, some carrying design cues from Brutalist design, symbolizing the raw sharing of ideas and nature of the event's transparency, while others taking design cues from modern lettering that work in combination to add a sense of playfulness and exuberant spirit to the overall look and tone.

Bold colors speak to inclusiveness, individuality, and the coming together of people and ideas, while the interplay of shapes and forms expands into dimensional illustrations and patterns. The result is a brand identity that welcomes people from all products and backgrounds and creates a space for expression and unity.


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