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Edge Kids Mode

Branding, Expression, Art Direction


Art Direction – Alexis Copeland (Microsoft) & Gosha Kuznetsov (Buck)

3D Design –


Production – 

Luisa Murray (Buck) &

Joline Tang (Microsoft)

Product Design Direction - 

Daniel Krenn & Supisa Nishimura (Microsoft)

Microsoft Brand & Creative Direction – Allison Walzer, Kris Bennett, Samuel Clarke (Microsoft)

Edge Kids Mode is a custom–kid friendly web experience designed by Microsoft to give parents peace of mind.

To design this unique aesthetic, we partnered with Buck to create a custom Edge inspired artwork carrying sucess from our most youthful and loved M365's themes. Complete with two colorways for both light and dark mode, the theme's design takes creative cues from original campaign visuals with an added sense of imagination and play.

The result is a unique browser that sparks creativity, establishes a sense of wonder and play, and ensures a safe space for kids to explore the web. 


Compositionally arranged to fit among Edge's UI and UX controls, custom designed characters peak in and around the around the mountain landscape.

A special character appears within the setup dialog to help the user establish appropriate age. One younger and one older, both charming and generate excitement entering the experience.

To complement each age setting, Edge offers unique artwork such as UniVerse, Colorful Emotions, Connected Kingdom, and Galaxy of Goodies; all themes that were created during our M365 Theming project.


Expanding the creative into a marketing campaign element, Buck animated a few of the characters to show off the brand's unique creative and expressive personality.

Lastly, a toy–machine style animation brings the cast of characters together in a fun mnemonic.