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OMG! I’m WFH — Now What?!

Storytelling, 3D Illustration


Story – Benedikt Lehnert
Illustration – Jason Custer & Alexis Copeland


At the start of the pandemic in 2020, Benedikt Lehnert, one of my favorite design leaders, knew the secret to remote work. He gathered these tips from his many years working remotely at Microsoft, so when our entire company switched to remote work overnight, he was eager to share his tips of success with our design community.

To get started Jason Custer and I were thrilled to help build imagery for Benedikt's article. Below you will see some of that collaboration and our effort to bring Benedikt's words of wisdom to life.


Collaborating with Jason was an absolute dream. He is one of my favorite humans and an amazing artist (if you don't believe me check out his rad work here). 

Our creative process looked a lot like a game of exquisite corpses. Sure, it started from the same place (sketching on paper), but we traded our art with each other so many times it became a fun game guessing where the 2D began and the 3D ended. I would destroy Jason's 2D with depth and lighting and then Jason would destroy my 3D by drawing on top. The result was more of a painting than an illustration and we were constantly surprised by each other's contribution.

There also wasn't a traditional approval process so we relied on each other's intuition or internal design compass to decide when the image felt complete. I believe we have great taste, so the final artwork came out beautifully. But I'll let you be the judge ;)


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