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Microsoft Office Rebranding

3D Design, Storytelling, Art Direction


Creative Direction –
Nando Costa
Design & Art Direction – Alexis Copeland

To commemorate the arrival of the Office icon, I worked alongside Nando Costa to create expressive imagery for its new app release, unifying Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into one experience. This hero artwork scaled into a range of communications outputs such as Apple's app store feature, social media, and marketing. 


The inspiration for this imagery was born from the new Office icon design itself. Using soft, dimensional folds and ribbon textures, we abstracted elements of the icon's threshold shape into 3D space as metaphor for an expanding or opening container for creation tools. 

The materiality of our design is inspired from physical documents and paper from an office setting, while subtle imperfections of the 3D give a more humanistic feel. Warm gradients are derived from the icon's new color palette which marries the 2D and 3D together. The result is an aesthetic that is both playful and approachable while generating new excitement for a refreshed, modern Office experience.


In parallel to the creation of this imagery, Nando directed the app's announcement film in collaboration with Buck design studio. To bring cohesion to the creative, we peppered in a few elements from the film, like the plus icon and glassy spheres— intricate details that personify the app's value in a more subconscious, unique way.   


Throughout our visual communications, we created platform agnostic devices while highlighting the app's distinct ability to engage with content in a mobile way. 

As the app's design elements rolled out to, we created additional support imagery (created alongside John Aronson) to promote Office's release on Google's Chrome Store.